Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

So I had an entire week off... it was not what one would say, relaxing. Although I did do some of that too! I did get a chance to work on my scrapbook as well as watch a few netflix and read a few pages of the book I am reading. (Trying to finish so I can start the Twilight series!) So let's see... I went to Cory's aunts house for dinner on Friday night, it was delicious Jamaican food! At one point I thought they said the cat would be lunch next month. LOL. I think I need to hang out there more to truly get the accent! I went with Cory's mom on Saturday to go see Twilight... Edward is DREAMY! On Sunday I went to Howl at the Moon at City Walk with Shandon... listened to some great tunes and had a few drinks. I stayed home Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I went to Cory's family friends house. It was a lovely occasion. I had my first Corona with Bacardi. It was not half bad. Got to finally meet the family I had heard so much about. Thursday was Thanksgiving and I spent it with my family... Mom, Dad, Kent, David (Kent's dad), Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Mike, Matthew, Aunt Pam (Cheryl's sister) and even Amy and Jocelyn. It was really good to see everyone, esp. Amy, I miss her sooooo much! I ate until I was stuffed, I couldn't even fit in pie! LOL. I forced my brother to take a few pics just because he hates it! LOL On Friday I went to dinner with my family then mom and I saw Austrailia (a tragic, but wonderful story!) and Kent and Dad went to see the 007 movie. Saturday I went to Cory's again and we had a family party for his neice's 9th birthday. It was fun to just play with the kids and relax with his family. Sunday, aka today, I did laundry, got my stuff ready for work, did a lil bit more scrapbooking and tried to stay positive in remembering I have to go back to work tomorrow--- bring on the hectic christmas season! OY! So even if you didn't care... that was my break!

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